Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ok, so recently It has seemed like everyone I know is telling me that I need to update my blog so here it goes. This may be long so bare with me!

Aaron is doing good! He loves his new job and seems to be a lot happier. He has found a new passion in life and that is archery. He got a new bow from mainly my little brother for his birthday and seems to really enjoy everything about it! He is, not surprisingly, very good at it already. For our 5 year anniversary that was on June 11th, Aaron surprised me and took me to Salt Lake to a Spa. We had a couples massage and soak. It was very romantic and tons of fun! I love you Bunny!! Thanks for five awesome years!

Carson is awesome! He is sooooo smart! I know that most mother's think this about their own children but he truly is. He loves to swim and proved to me the starting of this summer that he can do anything he truly wants to do. Last year he wanted so badly to go off of the diving boards at Lava with his cousins. In order to go off of the diving boards you have to be able to swim a least 10 yards by yourself to a certain spot they have marked on the wall. Needless to say he was bound and determined that this summer he was going to do it. He worked hard this winter at swimming lessons and at the age of four is already in the advance beginner class! On May 28, 2009 he did it! He went off the diving board not once but four times and swam by himself to the edge of the pool. The lifeguards were all stunned! Way to go little buddy! Carson also met a new friend that lives just next door that he seems to spend every waking moment with (When he is not at his girlfriend's (my mom) house in Soda). His name is Owen. They are the same age and get along so good. Carson is an amazing little boy and my best friend! I love you buddy!

Barrett is growing like a weed and is a little monster! He runs everywhere and climbs on everything. He looks and acts exactly like Aaron which is not always good! :) He loves being outside and spending time is Soda with family! He is madly in love with my dad and is the first person he asks for every morning when he wakes up. Recently, Melissa my sister-in-law got a picture of him sitting in a dog dish while Libby was drinking out of it! She submitted it to Baby Faces on the news and it actually aired this morning! He is so fun and I love watching him learn and discover new things. I love you bear bear!

As for me i'm pretty much the same! I seem to be on the computer less and less because I don't yet have to be for school. i did get into the nursing program and start full-time in august! I am really excited! Recently, I was having some upper abdominal pain and ended up in the ER. There they discovered I had a few gallstones and needed my gallbladder out. Needless to say out of every surgery I have had: appendix and two c-sections, this is by far the worst for both pain and long recovery. I was also allergic to the tegaderm (dressing over each wound). That was annoying because i itched and burned like crazy. I think I am finally on the mend though yeah!!! I was able to stay on the pediatric floor while I was in the hospital and that was awesome! Since I work there it was like my family away from home was taking care of me! It was awesome and I couldn't have asked for better care! Thanks ladies and Marc you guys are the best!!!!! A big thanks to Dr. Heilman as well! What an amazing doctor! Well, That pretty much sums up what we have all been doing! I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable summer! With love Lynz!