Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Fun!!

Well, I'm slaking again. It seems, I haven't been home long enough to blog. Anyways, on June 14th, we officially added another member to the Ayers family. Yep that's right, My little brother is now a married man. He married Melissa Merritt from Bear Lake. She is so cute and awesome. She fits into our family perfect. I'm so excited to have her apart of the family. Congrats you two!! Well, since it is summer, that means when neither Aaron nor I are at work you can usually fine us at Ross Park swimming or our favorite spot Lava. My little guy Carson is just barely 3 and loves to swim. He especially loves doing cannon balls off the side of the pool or the diving board if the life guards would let him. This last Monday we went to Lava with my sister and her girls. Carson decided he wanted to go down the Hydro-tube slides. I wasn't to sure if he would really do it or if he would be to scared. Needless to say, the last four hours was spent watching him and his cousins go up and down them a hundred times. Now for the crazy part of this swimming trip. I was just sitting on the bench by the diving boards talking to Kat on the phone when Aaron came up to me with the brilliant idea of going off the 3rd platform. I just laughed because I thought he was just kidding. He wasn't! I used to go off the third all the time when I was in high school a long time ago! Well, the lifeguard made us go sign a waiver that meant I was surely going to die and then Aaron couldn't sue them. So then we climbed the really long later of doom up to the third. I was so scared I couldn't even breath. I stood up there for I swear 20 minutes. Everyone in the swimming pool was watching me and trying to encourage me to just go off including my little Carson who has no fears. I just couldn't do it! Yep, that's right I walked the walk of shame. I went down to the 2nd platform which freaked me out just as much. As I was standing there for another 20 minutes I looked down to see my 4 and 6 year old nieces going off the high-dive like it was nothing. Morgan said, " OK auntie Lynz, if I go off the high dive will you jump off the same time I do?" For some reason I said yes and she started to climb up to the high-dive. She counted to three and started to jump and I couldn't let her down so I jumped that's right I jumped. I screamed the whole way down, but I'm still alive and I can say I did it!! It really wasn't that bad, it just hurt my boobs a little OK a lot, but it was still fun, and the best part about it is how proud my little Carson is of me!! Oh yeah, Aaron had no trouble going off the third or the second. What a big TURD!! Well, I hope every one's summer is going well!! Love YA, LYNZ

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Yep, I have been officially married for four years!! I just want everyone to know how much I love my BUNNY!! Yeah, that's what I call him. Cheesy I know! He is the best thing that ever happened to me! I am so thankful for the knowledge I have in knowing that we have an eternal marriage, and that know matter what happens we will be together forever!! Aaron, I love you, I love you, I love you!! From your Lynz

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tagged !

I just realized I was tagged a while ago and didn't do anything. Sorry Becca! Here it goes!

All About Me Alphabetically!
A. ATTACHED OR SINGLE? Very attached to a wonderful husband!
B. BEST FRIEND? My husband, mom, and my sisters (Rikki, Nikki,& Melissa)!
C. CAKE OR PIE? Chocolate cake all the way !
D. DAY OF CHOICE? Friday! Time to go camping for the weekend!
H. HOMETOWN? Soda Springs - I LOVE SODA!!!
I. INDULGENCE? Good Books!
J. JANUARY OR JULY? July = Summertime!
K. KIDS? Carson 3 and Barrett 3 months and Smokey 3 months
L. LIFE ISN'T COMPLETE WITHOUT? My family, friends, and the Lord!
M. MARRIAGE DATE? June, 11 2004
N. NUMBER OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS? 5 brothers (Dusty, Doug, Eli, Macoy, & Wes) and 3 sisters (Rikki, Nikki, and Melissa)
O. ORANGES OR APPLES. Golden Crisp Apples (I nurse I work with grows them in his orchard) Thanks Marc!
P. PHOBIAS OR FEARS? Losing one of my family members or friends!
Q. QUOTE: The first person a boy falls in love with is his mother.
T. TAG 5 PEOPLE: Meese, Kyrsten, Molly, Kat, and Krystal
U. UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I hate being home alone - anytime of the day!
V. VEGETABLES? Love them! Oh except for onions!
W. WORST HABIT? I love to fart! Sorry, I know that's not very lady like!
X. X-RAY OR ULTRASOUND? Ultrasound! X-rays are usually done when your broken!
Y. YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? Prime Rib and a baked potato
Z. ZODIAC SIGN? Capricorn!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Good News!

Well, finally some good news, WERE STAYING!!!!! Aaron told the traveling agency from the start that he wanted to work days not nights. He also told them he would like to stay in the west. It seems they don't listen very good. Everything that they have offered to him is the exact opposite of his requests. Aaron has finally decided that it's not worth the trouble anymore. YEAH!! We've also realized that making money is not as important as having family and friends close. Moving would have been devastating to Carson because he is extremely close to my mom. It's not worth turning his whole world upside down to make some extra cash. Plus, Barrett is growing and changing so fast, I don't want to leave and have everyone miss it. I can't tell everyone how relieved I am. Thanks for all the advice though, it really was making me feel better. We have decided we are still going to sell our townhouse. We want something bigger, and with two boys and a dog we really need a backyard. Oh yeah, we have a dog now too. We got a Shi Tsu, Maltese cross last Saturday. He is sooo cute. I gave him to Aaron for Father's Day. Aaron named him smokey because of his cool coloring. Anyways, I'm so excited that we are staying I couldn't wait to tell everyone. So, Krystal we will probably be at the reunion and Sara and Nick we won't miss your awesome upcoming event. :)