Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sooo Busy!

Like I posted previously I am crazy busy. School is OK. I'm currently working on my first literature paper. It is supposed to be 7 pages and so far I only have 2. I have a ways to go. I am still working at the hospital every Friday for eight hours. I know that's not much but I love working where I do and didn't want to completely give up my position when I had Barrett and went back to school. I also, on top of everything else, got another job. I am one of the swim lesson instructors at GOLD'S GYM. I teach the beginning and intermediate levels. So with working out and swimming everyday of the week, GOLD"s is like my new home. Another thing that is keeping me busy and I love is watching my sister-in-law Nikki play sports. Right now she is playing volleyball, and their team is awesome. I have only missed a few games. Aaron is usually working on the nights of her games so Carson, Barret, and I tag along with Pops (Grandpa Todd). It's kinda crazy cheering for Grace after growing up in Soda, and I thought I would never say it but GO GRACE!!!! Well I need to work on my paper. Hope everyone is doing good! Love ya Lynz

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ok, so pretty much the only thing I look at when I'm on the computer is stuff that pertains to school. I have a computer information class I am taking that's online, and I have already been assigned a research paper for my lit class. I guess this all is supposed to mean my blogging days are going to be few and far between, not that they were ever really that frequent. I hope no one forgets about me! I will try to write little things like this every now and again. Love ya Lynz
P.S. My kids are still growing way to fast!!!!