Monday, December 22, 2008


I didn't think I would be this bad at keeping everyone updated! Anyways here is the updates!

Aaron is keeping busy with work! I swear he works every day! He is constantly picking up bonus shifts for extra cash. It is good, the cash is anyway, but I like him home too! Aaron is usually a scrooge this time of year, but with how excited Carson is he can't help but be excited too. The first snow fall Aaron, Carson, and I made a huge snowman. It was really fun! It fell over two days later because it started melting.

The boys are doing wonderful!! They are both growing so fast! Carson is my best buddy! I love that kid sooooo much! We have so much fun together. He is so smart and just so awesome to be around! He is doing great in swimming lessons, an awesome tumbler in gymnastics, and can Karate with the best of them in Martial Arts. He is soo excited for Santa clause to come! In the beginning he told Santa he wanted an orange candy bar and some toys, and now all of the sudden he wants a TV and a Wii. I think Aaron must of had something to do with his change of heart. He also told Santa that I wanted a big red fire truck.
Barrett is growing like a weed. He has officially conquered crawling and is pulling himself up and walking along furniture. He has six teeth and seems to be getting more. I can't believe he is already 9 months. Time has went so fast. He is pretty tall for his age and the cutest baby ever. Not to mention the best baby ever too! I love him so much! He is my little buddy and such a joy to our fam.

Carson and Barrett are the best of buds!

I'm doing great also! I survived my first semester back to school and did pretty good in my classes. I'm applying to the nursing program in February and am very excited. I'm still working at the hospital and teaching swim lessons at Golds Gym. It is busy but fun! I can't wait until Christmas! I love the holidays! I'm going to be 25 already on the 30Th. That just seems crazy to me! I hope everyone is doing great!


Ife and Celeste Tabakece said...

Your boys are so cute. Seriously, I can't believe how fast they are growing. Good luck applying to the nursing program!

Suzanne Donaldson-Stephens said...

Hi! If it makes you feel any better - it's been 3 motnhs since I updated my blog too!!! Can't help it - Blogging seems to be a little bit lower on the priority list - work, business, home, family come first. I'll try to do a better job too! Check it out soon - I'm going to post pictures from the past week.

The boys are sure growing fast - hopefully we will see them before June - once a year is not often enough to see family - well from what I'm used to anyway.

I am glad to hear you guys are doing well and that you are doing well in school - good for you!!!!

I'd really like to see pictures of you and A.


Aunt Suzanne :)

Trevor and Dayna said...

YOu have such cute boys. HOpe you have a Happy Birthday. Can you believe we are that old already??? Seems crazy to me.

Sam and Kyrsten said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i love it when you update! we love your kids so much! lets get together soon!